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March 30, 2020

Firewood can still be picked up for personal use.


A quantity of firewood will be left on site until the beginning of the contractor’s work to rehabilitate the natural area in the gully later this Spring. We will do our best to provide advance notice before the last of the wood is hauled away by the contractor.


If you are interested in obtaining firewood for personal use and did not receive the e-blast, please review the complete guidelines below.

March 10, 2020


Dear Sunset Plaza Community,

While final permit approval is still some time in the future, we have received permission from the City to move forward with limited activities in the gully.

SS Landscaping will begin work in the gully on Tuesday, March 17th, within the parameters set by the City for removal of already downed material and the work to create habitat logs. This work is scheduled to continue through Thursday, March 19th.

Firewood Availability from the Gully Restoration Project:

The Board of the Sunset Plaza Homeowners Association is announcing that an arrangement has been made with the contractors for the Gully Restoration Project to make a quantity of firewood available on a first come basis. Available firewood will be cut to eighteen inch lengths and left at the end of each workday in a staging area near the Community Garden. This wood can be retrieved by residents after the contractors have left the job site on workdays and weekend days if the contractors are not on site.

Guidelines for Firewood Pickup:

The Board expects residents to share this free resource in a neighborly manner. No firewood is to be marked as reserved for later pickup. As a reminder, please remember that only one-quarter cord* of firewood is allowed to be stored on lanais (balconies) and patios per Section 203.9 of our rules document (see below). In addition, please remember that interior floors including those of the storage rooms are not intended to accommodate the concentrated weight of a stack of firewood. Repair of structural damage caused by overloading of balconies (lanais) and interior floors will be at the resident's expense. [*One-quarter cord of eighteen inch long firewood equals a stack of approximately three feet high by 7 feet long.]

Another factor to keep in mind is that firewood stored outdoors is known for its ability to attract critters. Due to the fact that the majority of the wood will be relatively green, the presence of insects is likely. Any treatment of rodent/insect infestation or damage to siding/building structure caused by firewood or other items stored outside will be at the owner's expense. In addition, please remember that per Section 205.8 only operable passenger vehicles (i.e., no firewood) may occupy parking spaces (see below).

Finally, the activities surrounding the removal of the firewood from the staging area will not be managed by nor officially sanctioned by the Board. All activities to load vehicles, move the wood in any manner or split wood are at the risk of the residents. Any damage to pavement, lawn areas or structures (walkways, stairwells, siding, building structures, lanais/patios) will require repair at the resident's expense.

The activities of the Gully Restoration Project will define the timeframe for firewood to be removed. At the moment we expect that there will be a two to three week period during which firewood will be available. At the end of that period all remaining wood will be removed from the staging area by the contractor.

Questions regarding this matter may be referred to any Board member who will then pass along questions or concerns to the Project Team or the full Board for consideration.

Thank you.

Board of Directors
Sunset Plaza Condominium Association


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